Help me build a preschool in Tonga!

Hi all,

In case you don’t want to read this entire thing, here’s the short version:
– I’m going to Tonga to help build a preschool
– I need to raise $2,500
– Use the “Donate Here” link below to contribute

If you’re still with me, thanks. Here’s the full story:

Anyone who has connected with me recently may have heard the exciting news that I am traveling to Tonga this August to volunteer with Hope Corps, a non-profit organization that sponsors high impact projects in underdeveloped communities around the world.

I will be staying on the small island of Vava’u and spending my time building a preschool in the remote village of Utungake. This is Hope Corps’s second project on the island.

Currently, the only preschool is located in the main town of Neiafu, which is over 10 miles from Utungake. The cost of transportation and driving time to and from town is a major financial burden on the parents, especially since fuel is limited in such a remote island community. It is not uncommon for gasoline in Vava’u to run out, forcing families to use other modes of transportation until the next fuel delivery arrives from Australia or New Zealand. When fuel is scarce, parents must decide between driving to work or driving their children to school. Often times, the students lose out on several days of essential lessons and learning. Additionally, unemployment is high in Utungake and emerging job opportunities are scarce. A functioning preschool in the village will employ local women and provide parents with a convenient option for childcare.

I’ve committed to raising $2,500 to go towards the construction of a large preschool in the village. In addition to the main classroom space, there will be a teacher’s office, storage room, and restroom. Once the building is complete, we will move onto building an outdoor play area adjacent to the new school building.

A contribution in any amount ($1 – $500+) is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, your donation is NOT tax deductible.


Thanks for your understanding and for helping make this happen!

– Brad